Information Commercialization Center
FANÇO Sümbül Efendi Fatih Mother and Child Center
Land Walls National Garden
FSM İHL Conference Hall and Sports Complex
Malta Bazaar
Rehabilitation of Facades of the Shops under the Nuruosmaniye Mosque
Automatic Animal Feeder
Orhan Kemal Library
Archery Training
Our Libraries
Yalı Neighborhood Urban Transformation Project
Cerrahpaşa Library
Waste Retrieval
Workshop Garden
3x3 Street Basketball
Science in Fatih
Waste Retrieval Project
Safe Parks Project
Children’s Festival
Cultural Tours by Bike
Topkapı City Park Project
Fatih Central Library
Kariye Refik Halid Karay Library
Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Neslişah Sultan Wedding Hall and Sports Center

Kasım Günani District Mansion and Cultural Center Project
Ramadan in Fatih
Sports in Fatih
Topkapı Library
Traditional Wooden Building Workshop
Fatih Central Library
Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Square
Canoe and Rowing Sports Center
Seyyid Ömer Car Park and Children's Playground
Karagümrük Library
Coffeehouse Cerrahpaşa
Grand Bazaar Restoration
Cat Houses
Kariye Children’s Library

Kasım Günani District Mansion and Library

Atatürk Contemporary Life High School Indoor Sports Hall
Ahmet Rasim Anatolian High School Indoor Sports Hall
Yedikule Fortress Tours with a Guide
Morning Exercises
Yedikule Garden
Madrasah Davutpaşa
Summer Pools
Sailing Sports Center
İbnülemin Mahmud Kemal İnal Exhibition
Restoration of Yedikule Fortress